The Swiss Alps are not only fascinating due to their unique natural beauty. They also accommodate a dazzling array of magnificent gemstones, shaped and formed over millions of years. 

Swiss gemstones

Leni Adam has devoted much time to the study of Swiss gemstones and has participated in various mountain excursions with gemstone experts to the Swiss Alps. The gemstones of Leni Adam are characterized by their high quality and beauty and tell the story of the Swiss Alps, which have changed and developed over the millennia.

LENI ADAM in den Bergen

Searching for gemstones

The search for gemstones involves a lot of patience, expertise and hard work and takes place in the heights of the Swiss Alps. The discovery of each gemstone has a special meaning and is associated with an extraordinary experience. Every jewel of the Elsa collection was discovered on a voluntary basis by passionate mountain and gemstones lovers, who give great importance to the preservation and respect of nature. Leni Adam is in close contact with such gemstone experts from throughout the Swiss Alps, who keep her informed about the latest  discoveries of gemstones in Switzerland.


Gemstones of the collection

The Elsa collection includes rock crystals, smoky quartz, morions and amethysts originally sourced from different locations in the Swiss Alps, such as the Binntal (VS), Hillhorn (VS), Oberalppass (GR) and the Gotthard area (UR). These gemstones belong to the alpine quartz crystal family. The name “quartz” comes from the Slavic word “twardy” and means “hard”. Quartz achieves the greatest distribution in Switzerland and dazzles with its formations and color variations.

Binntal Berge

Rock crystal

The rock crystal is the epitome of all crystals and is despite – or even more because of – its lack of color a mysterious beauty. The ancient Greeks believed that it was ice, frozen in time. Rock crystals shine in the sunlight and achieve an exceptional brilliance through cutting. Leni Adam also calls the rock crystal the “diamond of the Swiss mountains”.



The amethyst is captivating due to its light to dark violet colour and is very rare in Switzerland. This gives the gemstone a very exclusive character and is therefore the most expensive gemstone of Leni Adam. The Swiss amethysts by Leni Adam come from the Binntal (VS), Hillhorn (VS) and the Oberalppass (GR).


Smoky quartz

As its name implies, the smoky quartz is characterized by its smoky brown color. Each smoky alpine quartz originally crystallized as a colorless rock crystal and only received its present color in the last ten to fifteen million years of its existence.



Smoky quartz can be found in various shades and intensities of brown. Very dark, almost black pieces of smoky quartz are called morion. The dark colour gives the gemstone depth and sparkle. Depending on the light radiation, the morion takes on different colours.